Electric Vehicle Fleet Solutions

What eTransEnergy Can Do for You

eTransEnergy helps logistics and last-mile delivery businesses, municipalities, transit agencies, school districts, public authorities and other institutions across North America achieve optimal total cost of ownership (TCO) for electric vehicle fleet operations.

From pre-planning and construction to deployment and operations, we help reduce operational risk, minimize TCO and accelerate zero-emissions goals. As a Duke Energy company, eTransEnergy stands behind the same principles of reliability, affordability and longevity of assets.

Let’s Work Together for Your Energy Integration

Ready to get started? Contact one of our EV fleet professionals today to discuss strategic considerations for a smooth, seamless, customized electric fleet transformation for your organization.

Helping to Minimize Total Cost of Ownership

With greater upfront vehicle capital costs and uncertain electric infrastructure expense, fleet electrification can end up costing more than traditional fleet vehicle options. But by leveraging our professionals’ automotive, energy and fleet experience, we’re able to provide single-point guidance for all services related to fleet electrification, helping to reliably optimize your fleet economics.

Additional Resources

In addition to our team member support, more information is available for all of our eTransEnergy Offerings.

eTransEnergy is not the same company as Duke Energy Corporation's regulated utilities, including Duke Energy Carolinas, Duke Energy Florida, Duke Energy Kentucky, Duke Energy Indiana, Duke Energy Ohio, Duke Energy Progress, and Piedmont Natural Gas ("Regulated Utilities");
eTransEnergy is not in any way sanctioned by the state utility commissions regulating the Regulated Utilities; Purchasers of products or services from eTransEnergy will receive no preference or special treatment from the Regulated Utilities; and a customer does not have to buy products or services from eTransEnergy in order to continue to receive the same safe and reliable electric or gas service from the Regulated Utilities. Nonpayment for these products or services may result in removal from the program, but will not result in disconnection of electric or gas service by the Regulated Utilities. THIS MESSAGE IS PAID FOR BY THE SHAREHOLDERS OF DUKE ENERGY CORPORATION.