Fleet Service Provider

We provide fleet owners with strategic guidance and hands-on support to electrify their fleets- from pre-planning to scale.

Why We’re Here

We founded eTransEnergy because we saw a critical and growing need for end-to-end fleet electrification solutions. To fill this gap, we gathered an experienced team in energy, infrastructure and asset management to form eTransEnergy.

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What We Do

We help fleet owners transition their vehicles to electric in the most cost-effective, efficient, and seamless manner, no matter what stage of electrification they are at. Our solutions cover every aspect of fleet electrification, including electric vehicle (EV) financing, EV charging infrastructure, strategic commissioning, renewables, and operations, optimizations and maintenance.

Who We Serve

The eTransEnergy team specializes in providing comprehensive fleet solutions for fleet operators at organizations including logistics and last-mile delivery businesses, municipalities, transit agencies, school districts and public authorities.

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Our Leadership Team

Greg Fields, Vice President

Greg leads the eTransEnergy business unit for Duke Energy, bringing more than 35 years of engineering and business development experience at Duke Energy.

Throughout his career, he has worked directly with the following cross-functional teams: B2B Customer Relations and Negotiation Strategic Planning Initiatives and Product & Service Delivery. His roles have included managing P&Ls and behind-the-meter infrastructure services for large businesses and government customers with a focus on Connected Community (Smart City, Lighting and Digital Infrastructure) and Energy Services (electrical infrastructure and resiliency services).

Greg holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of South Carolina. He has served as an assistant scoutmaster with Boy Scouts of America, chairman of deacons and missions committees at Pitts Baptist Church, and is active with Habitat for Humanity. Greg and his wife, Cindi, live in Concord, N.C., and have three adult children.

Mike Rowand, Director, Engineering & Technical Services

Mike is passionate about the technical aspects and inner workings of fleet electrification – how to build efficient electric vehicles for fleet owners, design, and install an effective on-site charging infrastructure.

Mike has more than 35 years of experience with Duke Energy, working within several aspects of the electric industry including Transmission and Distribution Engineering, Customer Service, Rates and Regulatory processes, and Marketing. Over the last two decades, his diverse background has provided a foundation for leading Duke Energy's evaluation of emerging technologies, focusing on electric transportation and the launch of eTransEnergy.

Mike is an honors graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in mechanical engineering and is a licensed professional engineer in North Carolina and South Carolina. He also continued his education further to become a certified energy manager, which is someone who optimizes energy performance at a facility, building, or industrial plant.

Jed Routh, Director, Business Development

Jed is responsible for business development in the public section, including transit, school bus and municipal fleets.

He brings 25 years of experience working with public fleets and has experience in product development, logistics and supply chain, and business development. Over the last 5 years, Jed led product and sales teams focused on Electric Vehicles and is excited to be a part of helping fleets transition from ICE to EV vehicles.

Jed holds a Bachelor of Science degree in English Education from Appalachian State University, an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a Masters of Engineering Management degree from Arizona State University.

McKinley (Mac) Cunningham, Director of Program Delivery

McKinley is the director of program delivery for eTransEnergy. With primary responsibility for customer satisfaction during and following the execution phase of various fleet electrification project elements, he coordinates and manages value chain elements from material procurement through hardware installation and commissioning. He and his team work to delight customers while keeping projects on schedule and within budget.

McKinley’s background includes experience in federal contract, operations and program management. He led federal support within the Customer Solutions group at Duke Energy for five years, focusing on helping federal agencies meet their energy-related goals, primarily around efficiency and resiliency.

Prior to joining Duke Energy, he served 20 years in the Army working in logistics and spent five years in the aerospace/defense industry, focusing on business development and project management.

McKinley holds a Bachelor of Arts in government and politics from the University of Maryland and a Master of Business Administration from Thomas More College. He also holds the Certified Energy Manager credential from the Association of Energy Engineers.

Jeremy Baksh, Project Director

As the project director for the program delivery team, Jeremy is responsible for managing all aspects of EVSE deployment including project planning, permitting, engineering, procurement and construction services.

Jeremy has 19 years of experience with Duke Energy. He was worked in Transmission Engineering and Regulatory processes, Solar and Natural Gas Plant Siting and Development, Commercial Transmission, and midstream Natural Gas Projects. With such a diverse background in engineering and project management, Jeremy excels at adhering to client expectations for safe, reliable and cost-effective operations.

Jeremy is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Tracy Li, Director, Business Development

Traci helps customers solve any issues that may pop up along with electrification journey.

She has 20 years of experience in energy procurement, product offerings, risk management for large commercial and industrial customers, aggregated communities and wholesale customers. Her expertise is in demand respond programs, load curtailment management, day-ahead and real-time management. Traci has experience providing insights on energy management through smart charging and/or behind the meter assets management. Tracy has also worked on building an AI/ML driven platform to monitor, dispatch, analyze, optimize and predict for a portfolio of solar, battery and fuel cells assets.

Tracy holds an MBA from Ohio State.

Our Core Values

As a Duke Energy company, eTransEnergy stands behind the same principles of reliability, affordability and longevity of assets to provide fleet owners with comprehensive and customized EV solutions.

With every fleet electrification project, we help ensure it’s designed and carried out to be:

Ready to Get Started?

If you are considering fleet electrification, we would love to answer any questions you have and talk about your fleet goals.

eTransEnergy is not the same company as Duke Energy Corporation's regulated utilities, including Duke Energy Carolinas, Duke Energy Florida, Duke Energy Kentucky, Duke Energy Indiana, Duke Energy Ohio, Duke Energy Progress, and Piedmont Natural Gas ("Regulated Utilities");
eTransEnergy is not in any way sanctioned by the state utility commissions regulating the Regulated Utilities; Purchasers of products or services from eTransEnergy will receive no preference or special treatment from the Regulated Utilities; and a customer does not have to buy products or services from eTransEnergy in order to continue to receive the same safe and reliable electric or gas service from the Regulated Utilities. Nonpayment for these products or services may result in removal from the program, but will not result in disconnection of electric or gas service by the Regulated Utilities. THIS MESSAGE IS PAID FOR BY THE SHAREHOLDERS OF DUKE ENERGY CORPORATION.