eTransEnergy collaborates with organizations to cost-effectively transition their internal combustion vehicle fleets to electric. By providing strategic guidance and the necessary resources during the electrification project, eTransEnergy helps organizations receive the benefits of EV fleets, including:

Industries Served

Overcoming Fleet Electrification Challenges

The transition from diesel to electric vehicles involves a multistep process, which is why we work with organizations to address common electrification challenges, including:

Electrify Your Fleet with eTransEnergy

eTransEnergy, a Duke Energy company, collaborates with fleet owners to provide them with comprehensive, end-to-end EV services. No matter what stage of the electrification process you are in, eTransEnergy has the experience and resources needed to help ensure a seamless transition.

With eTransEnergy, organizations receive:

  • Pre-planning for 5-year roadmap and deployment
  • Preparing site assessments and utility interconnection coordination
  • Guidance to help ensure minimum total cost of ownership for your fleet
  • The necessary EV infrastructure assets to generate self-sustaining, zero-emission energy on-site (such as with solar photovoltaics) as well as local utility coordination

Looking to electrify your fleet or have any questions about the process? We are here to help. Reach out today and an EV professional from our team will be happy to assist you.

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